Truck Accidents

When a car collides with a semitruck, the heavier vehicle often causes catastrophic injuries or fatalities. Family members are left to pick up the pieces. A skilled and experienced Orland Park trucking accident lawyer will investigate all possible sources of financial recovery to ensure that you get the compensation you need and deserve.

At the personal injury law firm of Schussler & Kutsulis, Ltd., we represent the drivers and passengers harmed in trucking crashes. Your initial consultation is free, and we accept personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no attorney fees until we recover money for you. There is no reason to delay talking with an attorney about your case.

Contact our office to schedule your free initial consultation. We handle both serious injury and wrongful death claims in fatal trucking accidents.

If you were injured in a trucking accident along Interstate Route 80 (I-80) or other highways in the Chicago area, or a loved one died in a fatal crash with an 18-wheeler, it’s important that you understand how the accident happened and that you receive full and fair compensation.

Unlike other vehicle accidents, an accident involving a big rig, tractor-trailer or flatbed truck can be caused by the negligence of a number of different parties: the driver, the trucking company, the company they were working for, a negligent mechanic, the manufacturer of a defective truck part, or a combination of these.

You Deserve Answers

Our attorneys work to determine the cause of the truck accident and who is liable to pay for injuries. We interview witnesses and review police reports. We investigate the scene of the accident and examine the vehicles. We may hire an investigator, an accident reconstructionist, or other experts if they are needed to prove your claim.

We handle trucking accident cases resulting from:

  • Truck driver causes: driver fatigue, drug use, speeding or reckless driving
  • Trucking company causes: overloading the truck, unbalanced loads, unreasonable (and unlawful) schedules requiring the driver to drive overtime, poor maintenance
  • Truck conditions: defective brakes, tires or steering, poor maintenance, defects in the restraints used to tie down cargo

Contact us at Schussler & Kutsulis, Ltd., for a free consultation with a truck accident attorney who will work tirelessly to resolve your case and ease your pain and suffering.