Experienced Counsel For Motorcycle Accident Injuries

There are no drivers on the road as vulnerable as those on motorcycles. Compared to an automobile accident, a motorcycle accident has far greater potential to cause severe bodily harm, including brain injuries or fatalities.

If you or someone you care about has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer at Schussler & Kutsulis, Ltd., as soon as possible.

At our Orland Park, Illinois, personal injury law firm, we treat our clients as friends and neighbors in a welcoming and compassionate manner. You will receive a free initial consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney who will listen patiently as you describe your situation.

We work to ease your pain and suffering after a motor vehicle accident. Get the compassionate counsel and aggressive representation your case requires. We will diligently determine negligence and liability in your case and pursue compensation to aid your recovery from your injury or for wrongful death if a loved one was involved in a fatal accident.

Head Injury Cases

Our law firm provides caring advice in cases involving riders injured while not wearing a helmet, including cases involving brain damage. Although a motorcycle may provide little protection to its rider, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will protect your rights in the aftermath of your crash, even if it involves a hit-and-run accident.

Other drivers on the road can have difficulty seeing motorcycles, particularly at intersections, which is where the majority of motorcycle accidents occur. With key witnesses and police reports, we will strategically piece together supporting evidence regarding visibility and road hazards to bolster your case and increase your likelihood of getting the settlement or compensation you deserve.

Due to filing deadlines in motorcycle accident cases, you should act quickly to protect your interests. We will work tirelessly to obtain fair compensation for you for lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, medical expenses, and permanent disability.

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