Experienced Guidance Through Probate In The Orland Park Area

If you recently lost a family member and have more legal questions than answers about how their estate must be administered through the Illinois probate process, we can help. The legal issues are complex and numerous, and trying to sort them out alone can be a daunting task.

The Orland Park, Illinois, law firm of Schussler & Kutsulis, Ltd., will ease your family’s collective burden and allow you to maintain your focus on your grief, personal loss and dignified remembrance. An estate planning and probate attorney from our firm will provide caring, compassionate and comforting legal guidance. We are a client-focused law firm that treats our clients like friends.

Probate And Estate Administration

Our probate lawyer will diligently seek to uphold the validity of existing wills, and in cases where there is no will, we will work with the closest kin in disbursing assets in a fair and appropriate manner, according to the laws of the state of Illinois. Our firm will assist in collecting all real estate, personal property and income owed to the deceased in order to pay remaining taxes, debts and other claims. We will help your family settle disputes and distribute any remaining property to the heirs, including legally transferring property titles.

Will Contests, Litigation And Disputes

Our probate lawyer handles probate cases involving wills contested by estranged siblings and missing heirs. If you believe a family member is spending estate resources irresponsibly, tell us your concerns. For the legal advice you and your family need, contact a probate lawyer at Schussler & Kutsulis, Ltd., to discuss your situation.