Help From An Experienced Car Accident Attorney In Orland Park

Just as a car accident can have many causes, it can also have many outcomes. A skilled personal injury attorney who is experienced in counseling clients in the aftermath of an auto accident can make all the difference in getting you the best possible outcome in your car accident case.

Serving Orland Park

Based in Orland Park, Illinois, the law firm of Schussler & Kutsulis, Ltd., counsels people in our community who have been seriously injured in a car crash and are serious about the proper steps to take in getting the financial compensation and medical attention they need and deserve. We advise our clients to see their doctor first before seeing us so that, in a timely manner, we can understand their situation and improve upon it with efficient and effective legal representation.

Compensation For Property And Pain

We will offer our experienced legal opinion on the potential value of each injury claim, including damage to property, medical expenses, and pain and suffering, and we will begin negotiations with insurance carriers. If a settlement is not forthcoming, we will file suit on your behalf and provide vigorous representation throughout the litigation process.

Our car accident lawyer will interview key witnesses and review police reports to determine negligence and liability in your car accident or truck crash, and we will rely on the physician who has treated you to establish your current and long-term medical needs, including ongoing physical therapy.

Our personal injury lawyer offers free consultations in cases involving car accidents so that we can meet with you and determine how we can help you. Contact us at Schussler & Kutsulis, Ltd., to resolve your case in an efficient and effective manner.