Estate Planning And Probate

You've worked hard to acquire your home, put some money in the bank and secure your family's future. The last thing you need is to have an unexpected health issue or death in the family jeopardize your personal well-being or your estate. A thorough and secure estate plan can help ensure you and your loved ones have the care and support they need when life is turned upside down.

At Schussler & Kutsulis, Ltd., in Orland Park, Illinois, we offer comprehensive representation for individuals and families that are either planning for the future or resolving a loved one's final affairs.

We can inform you of what to expect, provide you with options and personally guide you through every step of the process. Contact us today.

Estate Planning

Many people think estate planning is just for elderly individuals entering the retirement phase of life. In reality, everyone can benefit from outlining their health care directives, powers of attorney, estate asset transfer (through wills and trusts), and other long-term estate issues.

We can help you:

  • Outline long-term care and support for your children (minors and adults with special needs) in the event of your death or incapacitation
  • Outline the manner in which assets will be distributed upon your death
  • Avoid the high costs and burdens of probate
  • Minimize estate and gift taxes
  • Preserve your income and assets while keeping you eligible for benefit programs like Medicaid
  • Prepare medical and financial powers of attorney so you get the care you need in the event of your incapacitation

Probate And Estate Administration

The estate administration and probate processes do not have to be as difficult as they are made to seem. If you are an estate executor or administrator, or a beneficiary who has claim to an estate, we can help ensure your rights and responsibilities are handled properly when finalizing a loved one's affairs.

These can be difficult and personal topics for our clients. We work hard to simplify the legal issues and provide clear guidance on how issues can or should be resolved. Contact our office via email or call 708-460-8282to arrange an appointment with an experienced lawyer. We are here to help you put these legal concerns behind you.